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Upcoming Event – Robert Tucker Nuts & Bolts Killifish Keeping

Killifish can be habit forming. The species of this broad group are colorful and easy to maintain in small aquaria. And some species can help make a community tank special.

On Friday July 7th, Robert Tucker is member of the SFAS Board of trustees and an officer of the Bay-Area Killifish Association. At last count, Robert was housing at least forty different killifish species in his outer-Mission basement.

This evening, Robert presents the basics — the “nuts and bolts” of killie keeping! His program will include an overview of the group, a little myth busting, and photos of bay area killie fishrooms. Afterwards, the audience will be invited to “pick eggs” from mops and examine a live killie setup. The aquarium and breeding pair used for the talk will be available in the auction, which directly follows Robert’s talk!

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