Aquarium History

Chuck Rambo – The History of the Aquarium Hobby

Chuck Rambo has been keeping aquarium fish for nearly forty years. He has been to the great rifts lakes in Africa observing cichlids in the wild. About 10 years ago he saw a program in Chicago about the history of the aquarium hobby and starting his own collection of aquarium and fish bowl paraphernalia. Some of the pieces go back to the mid to late 1800’s. If you think keeping fish alive is difficult now, you can imagine how it was nearly impossible without electricity. Chuck will go through the history of keeping ornamental organisms from the 1850’s up to the 1970’s. If you have any antique aquarium related literature or items you would like to share with the society, please bring them down to the meeting and Chuck will try an give you a little history and insight into your particular items. Chuck may bring some items down to the meeting for display too.

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